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Spectacular events are second nature to us!

Whether you are planning a wedding, anniversary, graduation party, bridal / baby shower, business meeting / retreat , a fund-raiser or just an event that needs a wonderful venue—your event will be magnificent at Eyry of the Eagle Farm. Situated in the heart of Grass Lake, just fifteen minutes west of Ann Arbor and east of Jackson, this private modern facility will offer a unique location for your perfect day.


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A First at the Eyry of the Eagle!

Before Chandler proposed, his future fiancé TOLD HIM that she wanted a destination wedding…

Yet, the excited groom-to-be didn’t want his bride to miss out on the celebration with family & friends. So without his future fiancé’s (Leigh’s) knowledge, Chandler planned a SURPRISE engagement party. Playing detective, he carefully listened to her wishes for the perfect ceremony/reception. Leigh’s Mom & Sister were ready, willing & able to help.  

The Plan… Come to the Eyry of the Eagle Farm for “Engagement” Photos after the photo session, stop in to the Wings Gallery to view the images and the “SURPRISE!” the ENGAGEMENT party would begin… J

Guess What???

The SURPRISE was on Chandler!!…

After popping the BIG question (of course she said “YES!”), Chandler learned that the “Future MRS” wanted to get married locally, have a rustic outdoor wedding, a casual outdoor reception, including PIZZA for dinner (from a PIZZA Truck)… EVERYTHING that he had already planned! You know it’s a woman’s prerogative… to change her mind…

What to do???  The Answer was clear… With lots of scheming, planning and future in-law help…  Turn the ENGAGEMENT PARTY into a CEREMONY & RECEPTION.

With less than a month from the “SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT PARTY”… A NEW Plan was devised…  A SURPRISE WEDDING/RECEPTION!

The Plan… Engagement photos, bring Leigh into the Bridal Suite & Say… [basically] “I HAD planned a SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT PARTY, however, everything I planned is what you wanted for our ceremony & reception, Want to get married NOW?”

And She said YES!” (Of course,… her Mom & sister just knew she would!) Fortunately, Leigh had picked out her wedding dress (Although mom put a RUSH on the alterations…)

The “Getting married” plan happened AFTER the invites went out, so it was also a SURPRIZE to the guests that there would be a CEREMONY & RECEPTION.

SURPRISINGLY… Everything went as planned for the SURPRISE wedding and we are thankful that you chose Eyry of the Eagle to be a part of your SURPRISE Happily-Ever-After Chapter.

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